Kairali Resort


What we had in mind was beautiful little cottages in an environment friendly atmosphere which gives maximum thrust and reflects the concept of Ayurvedic treatment and Rejuvenation. Since most of the residents stayed over a minimum of a week, we made sure that every visitor gets their own private and peacefully serene cottage. According to the specific landscape and unique terrain of the land, without sacrificing even a single tree, the overall master plan was worked out in such a way that each cottage had its unique plan, designed in a way that none of the cottages were visible from the other, yet each of them opening into the central spine of river stream/ channel and other landscape elements.


We had already decided that every single one of the 30 buildings on site should look different in its own unique way, yet blend into one single landscape. The buildings followed various geometrical shapes, like rectangular, square, circular or a fusion of these. A wide variety of vernacular building materials like Stabilized mud blocks, Bricks, laterite, random rubble has been used in the buildings. The Kerala architecture style was mostly followed, but we have tried to incorporate building styles and materials from around India. Twin cottages to Presidential cottage suite, according to requirement and budget were planned, equipped with the most modern facilities (especially bathrooms) state of the art fittings, with a special focus on maintaining hygiene. Since many of their customers were to make subsequent visits, we wanted to make each visit a different and attractive experience to urge them to visit again.


Habitat Exteriors and Interiors, a leading construction firm in Palakkad, were involved in the preparation of the master plan, design and construction. The civil engineer couple Ajith and Raji were the duo behind this beautiful design. After graduating in Civil engineering, they went on to pursue their masters in HABITAT TECHNOLOGY from BITS PILANI. Since 1989 , this Palakkad based firm have been pioneers in eco-friendly construction practises with working expertise in cost effective construction techniques, alternate energy resource utilization etc making their mark in their prime motto of striking a balance with nature.